Surrender an Animal to our Shelter

We know that sometimes people are no longer able to care for their pets due to a variety of reasons, and we are here to help. As a for-all shelter these steps will help us protect the community and our staff.

Before visiting the shelter to surrender your pet all customers will be asked about any possible exposure to COVID-19.

Our Intake program will be handled by appointment only. If you need to schedule an appointment or arrive at our facility without one please call 727-586-3591 extensions 166 or 114. Your appointment time could be the same day.

Once at our facility all customers will be asked to wait in their car until their appointment, rather than the Intake lobby. Like you, we want the very best for your pets and will work relentlessly to ensure the best care possible.

If you are considering surrendering your pet due to behavioral concerns, please first call our Pet Behavior Tip Line team at 727-586-3593 and leave a detailed message for assistance.

If financial hardship is the reason you are considering giving up your pet, our food bank provides free pet food to dogs and cats of people in need.

Schedule an Appointment to Surrender an Pet

To schedule an appointment please call 727-586-3591 x166 or x114

Surrender Fees
Owner Surrender of a dog, cat or rabbit (In County): $35
Owner Surrender of a dog, cat or rabbit (Out of County): $50
Owner Surrender (rats/mice/gerbils/hamsters/reptiles/birds): $10
Owner Surrender Litter (In County): $50
Owner Surrender Litter (Out of County): $60

To better serve the animals of Pinellas County, SPCA Tampa Bay prefers to admit animals by appointment only. Animals surrendered without an appointment will be charged an additional $15 fee.

Normally, if your pet requires transport, we may also provide that service for a $50 fee. However, as of Friday, March 20, road service to pick up owner-surrendered animals will be paused. 

Making an appointment gives you a chance to speak with us about the challenges you face in caring for your pet. In some cases we may be able to offer short-term solutions that allow your family pet to stay in your home.

Our personalized service via phone ahead of your intake appointment can help you access resources that may allow you to keep your pet. We offer a free pet behavior helpline, food assistance and online support to find a new owner.

Intake appointments are available six days a week, Tuesdays through Sundays. We are closed on Mondays.

Intake Forms

Save time. Complete these before you visit us.

Our Call-Back Program

SPCA Tampa Bay will work hard to find a home for your pet. However, some animals are not adoptable due to behavioral issues and medical conditions.

When you sign up for a call back, we will contact you if your pet does not pass medical or behavior testing and is deemed “unadoptable.”

Animals that cannot be put up for adoption are humanely euthanized.

Call-Back Fees:

The decision to surrender your pet is a serious one. If you would like to be notified of our decision, you may sign up for a call back after we have had time to evaluate your animal for adoption. The fee for the call back program is $45.

As the surrendering owner you will have 48 hours to reclaim your pet once you are contacted by an intake counselor. This time can be helpful in allowing you to find another option for your pet. You will be responsible for rabies and the county license if your pet is not up to date.


How long will it take to get an appointment?

Most intake appointments are scheduled within a few days of the initial conversation with the pet owner.

Is there a fee to admit a pet?

Pet owners are asked to pay a fee when their pet is admitted to help SPCA Tampa Bay with continuing the care of their pet. This includes safe shelter, healthy meals, professional medical care and behavior support, all provided while a new home is sought.

Surrender fees
Owner Surrender of a dog, cat or rabbit (In County): $35
Owner Surrender of a dog, cat or rabbit (Out of County): $50
Owner Surrender (rats/mice/gerbils/hamsters/reptiles/birds): $10
Owner Surrender Litter (In County): $50
Owner Surrender Litter (Out of County): $60

Do you admit all stray dogs and cats?

No. We ask that you take all stray cats and dogs to Pinellas County Animal Services ~ 12450 Ulmerton Rd., Largo, FL 33774 ~ 727-582-2600

Do you admit pets from areas outside of Pinellas County?

Yes, but there are some requirements. We require a $50 intake fee for individual, owned pets. There is a $60 fee for litters. We do not accept healthy, sick or injured strays from outside Pinellas County.

You must have a CURRENT rabies vaccination dated at least six months prior to the date on which you want to admit the animal. Kittens must have a mother who meets this criteria. Proof will be required.

Please remember that only the legal owner of an animal can surrender the pet to our facility. Family and friends who have been asked to surrender a pet for a legal owner who is unable to do so in person must provide written and signed approval from that owner in order to surrender on their behalf.

Pinellas County Animal Services (PCAS) defines an owner as any person possessing, harboring, keeping or having control or custody of an animal. If the animal is owned by a person under the age of 18 years, that person’s parent or guardian is the animal’s legal owner. Thirty (30) days is the PCAS guideline for the length of time that an animal must be in a person’s custody for the animal to be owned by that person.