A For-All Shelter

We are a non-profit, animal welfare agency that runs an open-admission for-all animal shelter and public veterinary center in Pinellas County. For more than 80 years we have cared for 7,500 animals annually that have been surrendered by their owners, along with injured wildlife.

Our Mission

Through passionate collaboration with our community, we transform the lives of animals.

Our adoptions volunteers work to match families with animals that are a good fit with the family’s home, lifestyle and personalities. There is no time limit for an animal’s stay at our shelter, and every animal receives compassionate care, regardless of its breed or size.


Our Vision

Create a community where every animal matters.

SPCA Tampa Bay cares for dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotic animals and livestock like goats and pigs. Animals receive immunizations, medical care, behavior training, enrichment and loving care while they live at our shelter.

Social Media Corner

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🐈 Time for a blood pressure check-in 🐈Just as in human medicine, it is important for veterinarians to monitor a pet's blood pressure - especially as they age. However, unlike humans, animals rarely have high blood pressure as a primary condition. This means there is almost always another disease causing the abnormal pressure. Routinely having your senior pet's blood pressure checked can help catch kidney failure or other diseases early and make treatment possible! Learn more at: veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239&id=4951756#seniorpets #bloodpressure #SPCATampaBay #spcavetcenter ... See MoreSee Less
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🤢 Hairballs. Just a normal part of a cat's life... right? 🤢Hairballs are NOT normal. We often dismiss feline vomiting because we assume "they ate too fast" or "they have hairballs all time". If your cat is vomiting regularly, it is important to have a conversation with your vet. Routine hairballs could be a symptom of excessive grooming (from anxiety or skin irritation) or an issue with their digestive track. More than 2 hairballs a year should be cause for concern. Routine vomiting of food could be a symptom of something more serious like parasites or sensitivities to what they are eating. If your cat begins to vomit large amounts over a short period of time, this is an emergency and you should seek medical care immediately. To read more: catfriendly.com/signs-symptoms/vomiting/#humpdayhumor #catcare #hairball #responsiblepetownership #SPCATampaBay #spcavetcenter ... See MoreSee Less
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🚫 Fleas 🚫In addition to causing the obvious itch, fleas can lead to serious health problems for your pets...❗️ Skin issues including hair loss and flea allergy dermatitis ❗️ Bartonella Infection❗️ Anemia - especially in younger animals experiencing heavy infestationIf you believe that your pet has fleas, get in touch with your vet to create a treatment plan. Remember, the easiest flea control is prevention! To learn more on fleas, prevention, and treatment, visit: veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239&catId=102898&id=7955321&ind=359&objTypeID=1007#vettipstuesday #fleas #petcare #SPCATampaBay #spcavetcenter ... See MoreSee Less
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