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SPCA Tampa Bay is committed to the protection of all animals, including wildlife. Our team, in collaboration with local partners, provides medical attention and rehabilitation services for possums, blue jays, squirrels, rabbits and more.

To assist in your experience and help us protect the community and our staff all customers will be asked about any possible exposure to COVID-19.

Our wildlife program will be handled by appointment. If you need to schedule an appointment or arrive at our facility without one please call 727-586-3591 extensions 166 or 114. Your appointment time could be the same day.

Once at our facility all customers will be asked to wait in their car our outside our trailer until their appointment, rather than the Intake lobby. As a for-all shelter our goal is to stay open and offer as many of our standard services as possible. Road service to pick up any wildlife will be paused indefinitely.


Call for Wildlife Assistance

Found an injured or orphaned animal? Call 727-586-3592

SPCA Tampa Bay Wildlife Services are available during daylight hours.


     Help After 6PM

After Hours Help

 What To Do If You’ve Found Wildlife

What To Do If You’ve Found Wildlife

Wildlife Resources

Wildlife Resources