SPCA Tampa Bay’s Women’s Giving group was formed in 2010 under the moniker 1000 Bitches (aka 1KB) with a mission to build an influential force of women, to develop resources, unite in service and advocate for the animals at SPCA Tampa Bay and the people who love them. Each year members held fundraising events and voted on an initiative to better the lives of the animals at SPCA Tampa Bay. To date, the group has raised $200,000+ contributing to kennel renovations, transport vehicles, cat colony rooms, medical care funds, play yard renovation, veterinary supplies, wildlife rehabilitation, and more!

womens giving history photo

In 2021 we re-branded our women’s giving group with a new name and mission to celebrate the collective impact of female empowerment through philanthropy. Now known as WAGS, SPCA Tampa Bay Women’s Annual Giving Society, we are a community of women who are passionate about SPCA Tampa Bay’s mission and most importantly, the animals we serve! Through philanthropy and volunteerism, our annual gifts directly support an initiative, selected by the group, benefitting our shelter animals and wildlife. WAGS members collaborate and connect with like-minded women through social and service events, celebrating the compassionate work we do
together in our community.


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