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Our state-of-the-art facility houses a professional staff and a complete general practice. Our high quality and high volume spay neuter clinic is designed to provide the best pet health services in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area.

We’re Here Day After Day, Year After Year

From puppies and kittens to senior pets, we do it all. Annual checkups for cats and dogs are an important part of pet health care plans at all stages of life. We offer annual vaccinations, routine wellness and yearly checkups, regular dental cleanings and nail trims. 


Call today to schedule an appointment: 727-220-1770


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At this time we are accepting new Spay/Neuter clients but are reserving well visits for current clients only. We appreciate your kindness and patience and if you have questions about your pet’s health or about our operating hours please call 727-220-1770.



3250 5th Ave. N
St. Petersburg, FL 33713



Monday – Friday:  7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

Special Hours Notice:

Closed 12:00 p.m. -2:00 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month for staff training.

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🧀 Cheesin' big cuz the doc says your thyroid looks healthy 🧀Martini 🍸 came in today to have her thyroid levels checked 🩺 This testing can help determine if hypothyroidism is the cause of conditions such as skin abnormalities, hair loss, or obesity. #thyroidhealth #happyandhealthy #dogcare #SPCATampaBay #spcavetcenter ... See MoreSee Less
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🍂 Fall is here! 🍂It’s time for some fall food… but what is safe to share with your pets? ✅ Apples (🐕) Rich in fiber and vitamins. *Core and seeds must be removed before serving.* ✅ Pumpkin & Squash (🐈& 🐕) Helps with digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea and benefits skin/coat. *Be sure to avoid pumpkin pie filling as it contains ingredients that are NOT pet-safe.* ✅ Sweet Potatoes (🐈&🐕) Beneficial for digestive system, skin, coat, and eye health. Substitute a sweet potato chew for a rawhide!✅ Cranberries (🐈&🐕) Rich in B1, B2, and C, this fruit can benefit urinary health and the immune system. *Give in moderation and be sure to avoid cranberry sauce, juice, or sweetened fried berries.* ✅ Carrots (🐈&🐕) Rich in phytonutrients, fiber, and beta-carotene. Great for vision and heart health. Can be served raw or cooked as long as they are bite-sized pieces. *Must be served PLAIN with no garlic or onion added.*Read more: #FunFactFriday #fall #fallfoods #sharingiscaring #petdiet #SPCATampaBay #spcavetcenter ... See MoreSee Less
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🐈 Time for a blood pressure check-in 🐈Just as in human medicine, it is important for veterinarians to monitor a pet's blood pressure - especially as they age. However, unlike humans, animals rarely have high blood pressure as a primary condition. This means there is almost always another disease causing the abnormal pressure. Routinely having your senior pet's blood pressure checked can help catch kidney failure or other diseases early and make treatment possible! Learn more at: #bloodpressure #SPCATampaBay #spcavetcenter ... See MoreSee Less
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