SPCA Tampa Bay Alumni – Bubba and Zia

“You know, it’s Bubba and Zia’s world and I just live in it. Seeing Bubba so happy and Zia loving him so much warms my soul.”


Bubba (right) and Zia (left).

Kim Zorbas lost the feline love of her life, Binkster, back in 2011 and was absolutely devastated by his passing. Her deep pain from this loss motivated her to come visit SPCA Tampa Bay and find her next kitty companion.

Binkster, Zorbas’ first feline companion.

It was in March of 2013 that Zorbas adopted Bubba, formerly known as Freddy, from SPCATB when he was just 5 months old. However, things still did not feel quite right.

“To be transparent, Bubba was a [very rough] juvenile… I sadly didn’t have a connection with him. I gave him an amazing life but something was missing.”

5-month-old Bubba, formerly Freddy, at SPCA Tampa Bay.

Years later, Zorbas found herself back at SPCATB in search of another kitten. It was almost exactly 9 years after taking Bubba home that she decided to add Zia, formerly named Nessa, to the family!

“The missing piece was Zia. She has enriched both [Bubba and I’s] lives and she’s also registered as an emotional support animal. Nessa was renamed “Zia”, which means “light” in Hindu.”

Bubba (left) and Zia’s (right) kitten photos. 

What things do you love to do together?

“You know, it’s Bubba and Zia’s world and I just live in it. Seeing Bubba so happy and Zia loving him so much warms my soul.”

What are some of Bubba and Zia’s favorite things?

“They absolutely love their custom catio I had made for them. It’s all glass with many different sizes of cat condos, toys, scratchers and beds. It has a built in cat door so they can come inside whenever they want but they spend 80% of their time out there. Jackson Galaxy (@thecatdaddy) even featured their catio on his Instagram!”

Bubba and Zia enjoying their “catio”.

Do you have other pets? What is their relationship like?

“Aside from Zia and Bubba – no other pets. They just need each other.”

What things are you looking forward to in your future with Bubba and Zia?

“Watching them grow and the bond between them continue to be stronger. Bubba is a different cat and I always tease Zia that she thinks Bubba is her husband.”


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About the Author: Camille Harkenrider, SPCA Tampa Bay’s Shelter Content Creator, works to bring the stories of our shelter to life with captivating messaging and images. She currently lives in the Tampa Bay area with her husband, four cats, two rabbits, and many fish.