Rehome Details



Spayed Female


5-7 years old


Domestic short-hair Tabby



Reason for Rehoming:

She was an outdoor cat who I took inside, but I live in a small studio apartment and she's not content with the living space. She'd do best in a larger apartment or home with her owner home with her more. Once I return to working in the office, my hours are long and she doesn't like to be alone for that long.


Danielle, preferred method of contact is email at

More about me:
KiKi is a quiet kitty, not very vocal and not big into a lot of playtime. She loves to be brushed and petted, she enjoys being outside on a collar and leash and will walk a bit. Her favorite things are a shoe string and her cat scratching pads that she enjoys sleeping on. I don't know how she is with kids or dogs, but I know she doesn't like other cats. She is not declawed, is up to date on rabies shots, but no other shots. Recently had an exam, was told she needs to lose weight (17 lbs). She was heavy when I got her but heavier now since being inside in a small space. She's not currently on any meds.