Dogs at the Dog Park

It’s time for taking your dog for a walk around the neighborhood. But you and your pup are not ready for the same old, same old. What about taking your dog to a local Tampa Bay dog park? Some dogs may excel in this environment and some may need a proper introduction to other dogs- and that takes time. Then again, some dogs may like the me, myself and my owner mentality. 

Some dogs, just like people, have a limited tolerance for rude behavior. While in theory dog parks are a great idea, the truth is they’re not. It is hard sometimes to read dogs as easily as we read other humans. When we can recognize that our dogs are uncomfortable, we are able to be better advocates for them and help them make positive and constructive decisions around other dogs. positive and constructive decisions around other dogs.

What is my dog telling me? 

When we are not advocates for our dogs, we can set them up for failure and this could cause us all kinds of other problems. When dogs feel like we are not able to interpret what they are saying they start to let other dogs and people know they are stressed in BIG GESTURES such as lashing out, lunging, growling, and maybe even biting/attacking other animals.

How can my dog play with other pups? 

The best things we can do for our dog selective/non-dog park dogs is to set them up with other friends who have responsible doggy parents who are able to keep a watchful eye on play time and interactions. Knowing when to take a breather and not allowing things to escalate.

Short sweet sessions in a supervised area is what is going to keep your pup social and happy! Remember you do not like every person you meet so it is unrealistic to think our pups do as well! Find things THEY enjoy and find ways to enjoy them together!