Is A Pet Pig For You?

Do you know what George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, David Beckham and Megan Fox all have in common? They’ve all owned pet pigs! We have our own VIP pig owner – SPCA Tampa Bay Ambassador Deputy Troy Savetz and his pig Maple. Here’s their criminally cute story.

Troy Savetz and Maple Photo

Pinellas County Deputy Troy Savetz has helped several stray pigs while on patrol over the years but only one became an unexpected part of his family. Troy found Maple, a precious pot-bellied pig, as a stray and brought her to SPCA Tampa Bay to try to find her owner. When she wasn’t claimed by an owner, he adopted her into his family. Maple instantly bonded with the other pets and now they are inseparable. 

So is a pet pig for you? Here are some things to think about.

  1. Is It Legal? 
    Check with your local city & county governance and homeowners association before seriously pursuing a pig as a pet.

  2. Do You Have The Room?
    “Micro”, “teacup” and “pocket” are all buzzwords. If you’re looking for a small pet we would not suggest a pig.

  3. What Will You Need?
    It’s called “pigging out” for a reason. Pigs eat a lot and you’ll need lots of fruits, veggies and pig feed. Other things you’ll need include a secure fence that can’t be burrowed under. Pigs need enrichment such as providing a place to root around for objects and toys. Shallow mud pits are great for keeping your pig’s skin moist. Protective housing or pig-proofed rooms are also essential.

  4. Do You Have A Vet?
    It’s not your everyday domestic animal vet that can assist a 150 pound pig walking through their door. Make sure there is a veterinarian in your area who works with pigs.

  5. How Will You Transport Them?
    Do you have a secure, well-ventilated trailer you can keep a pig cool in during transport?


These are all important things to consider before adopting a pig. All your research and preparation will be rewarded with the loving and quirky relationship you’ll have with your new pig buddy.


SPCA Tampa Bay Pig Update! – SEPT 1, 2021

We recently had three pigs up for adoption, including Cassio who had almost been here a whole year. This week everybody got adopted! Congratulations to our three little pigs!

wilbur and babe

cassio pig 2