Mufasa’s Ready For Adoption Thanks To Hill’s Science Diet

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Feline Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – Can occur when bacteria is trapped in a cat’s bladder. It can be painful and cause the cat to urinate multiple times in a short period, sometimes containing blood (or a red tint). The side effects are much like that of a human; frequent urination in small amounts.

Mufasa, an orange tabby surrendered to SPCA Tampa Bay, was experiencing this very problem which lead to a bigger discovery.

Bladder stones and urinary crystals were also present, alongside a very bad UTI. It was thought by veterinary professionals that Mufasa would need surgery to remove his bladder stones. A Cystotomy procedure was scheduled for the near future.

The SPCA Tampa Bay medical staff decided to let Mufasa live in their offices while they monitored his urination habits leading up to the surgery. They also hoped a quite area would be less stressful for him and prevent additional health issues. During this time, they also began to feed him Hill’s Science Diet c/d Urinary Care food which has been known to break down and prevent urinary crystals.

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Our Medical Assistant Manager, Jennifer, recalls days when Mufasa would hardly get up, play or eat due to his illness.

As time progressed, medical staff begin to see less and less red tint to Mufasa’s urine and the frequency went down. The amount of urine produced each litter-box visit also began to increase.

On the date of Mufasa’s scheduled surgery, an x-ray was done and staff was shocked at what they saw.


Mufasa had no bladder stones. They had all been broken down and he would no longer need the surgery! Staff believes this is due to the Hill’s Science Diet Urinary Care food that Mufasa solely ate during this time.

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With Mufasa’s improvement came signs of his true personally now that he was feeling better. He is a very calm, chill cat and he absolutely LOVES human attention. Jennifer says, “Mufasa will steal your office chair or just sit in your lap. He’s back to playing with toys and – in true cat fashion- knocks stuff off my desk!”

Mufasa is now bladder stone free, urinary tract infection fee and ready for adoption!

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It is recommended that Mufasa remain on a urinary care diet permanently. His new family will receive a supply of Hill’s Science Diet c/d Cat Food to take home until they are able to obtain a prescription themselves. Learn more about adopting Mufasa at