Kids and Dogs 

Congrats on your new FURchild. Now it’s time for your fur-child to meet your human child. Here are a few tips to ensure success!  Supervise, supervise, supervise and watch out for that crawling baby! As a parent, you are used to your child crawling and waddling around grabbing things out of curiosity. As tolerant as your new dog may be, they all have their limits. Make sure your human child is giving your fur-child space. In a new environment, it is normal for them to be a little stressed out or anxious.

If you find your dog running away and a child or toddler following shortly behind, this would be a great time to intercept and give your dog somewhere to relax for a little bit (we suggest a crate for this).

Is there a time to leave my dog alone? 

• It is important to reiterate the obvious to your children: do not bother Fido when he is eating. It is not nice to steal their toys when they are playing.

• If Fido is resting – let him rest! As temping as those wagging tails are, please do not pull them; the same goes for those cute little ears – no
tugging please.

How do kids play with dogs

• Along with an impeccable sense of smell, dogs’ also have the ability to hear extremely well! Let your little ones know, yelling at them will hurt their tiny ears. Lastly, we want to monitor how much our children are hugging our fur-babies. Although it is adorable, we want our dogs to feel comfortable!

Just remember to supervise, supervise and keep on supervising. Through this, you might catch a few “oops” moments where Fido knocks your child over during play but we are certain you will catch even more “aww” moments! Your child just gained a lifelong friend – time to enjoy it!