How Dogs Greet Other Dogs

Imagine this . . . you are standing in the cereal aisle at a grocery store. You and an employee make eye contact. Then, that employee runs up to you as fast as they can, gets in your face and yells HELLO! 

Sometimes dogs greet other dogs in that manner. They’re like that employee, and to other dogs that’s just plain rude. 

How can humans help with dog introductions? 

We need to show dogs how to be appropriate around other dogs and puppies. Dogs can meet other dogs on their daily walk, at dog parks around Tampa Bay or by the fence at home. If one dogs energy level is at a ten, we’re not setting that dog introduction up for success.

Once your dog has calmed down, we will let them approach their future friend slowly! Rushing in to greet another dog is not appropriate. Typically, a “rude” dog is going to be very intrusive upon greeting. Even though they do not have bad intentions, if your dog acts this way toward an intolerant dog it could cause a scuffle.

It could take some patience on the human side and dog side. It might take several retries, but your dog will catch on and they will begin to understand calm behavior equals: I get to say hello to my new friend.

Once they have mastered the on-leash greeting and offered the appropriate “butt sniff” we can let our dog(s) off leash to play. Until our dog understands what is appropriate we are going to need to monitor their play. If you find your dog “picking” on other dogs, be sure to interrupt the behavior. Remember, our dogs are learning and we are helping them be most successful.

Bringing your dog to meet an adoptable shelter dog

Do you have a dog at home and need to learn how to introduce your new adoptable dog or puppy from SPCA Tampa Bay to the household?

You can bring your dog to SPCA Tampa Bay for a meet-n-greet when meeting our adoptable dogs at our For-All shelter in Largo. Please let our staff know that you have a dog ready to meet one of our shelter dog or puppy. Our staff will assist in the dog introduction. Please bring a “human” with you to help us facilitate the meet and greet. 

2 dogs being trained image