Healing Chico: A Story of Love and Recovery

Chico the Chihuahua arrived at our door after he received two complex injuries to his legs. His owners didn’t have the medical skill or money to care for him, so they brought him to SPCA Tampa Bay.

He was having his broken legs examined when our CEO first saw him. His happy, curious personality was evident even during his exam. She wanted to help the little guy and knew her husband would, too. It was going to take a team of people to help Chico heal. She offered to foster Chico, and watched as he got his first set of bright green bandages.

Chico has now been with his foster family for four months now. The road to recovery has been long, full of bumps and involved a whole team of people collaborating together to get him though treatments, diagnosis, physical therapy and eventually to the adoption floor.

Unfortunately shelters see many pets like Chico – ones whose care is so intense or prohibitively expensive that there are very few places for them to go. We’re proud to be able to offer a safe place for pets in need of medical recovery to heal. We’re thankful for the support of all our donors who have made resources available for this special population of animals. If you would like to help pets like Chico find forever homes, please donate.