When you support SPCA Tampa Bay, you are helping animals of all kinds. Dogs like Benny, cats like Boots, and puppies like Ruby come to our Largo shelter in need.

Benny came to SPCA Tampa Bay with a serious skin condition that was likely causing significant discomfort. Our team provided the kind, gentle, and professional care he needed to heal.

Your support will also help cats like Boots, who came to us underweight and dehydrated. With a lot of love (and plenty of treats!), Boots bounced back to a healthy weight and was able to find her forever home.

And your year-end gift will touch the lives of puppies like Ruby — a newborn who was surrendered at SPCA Tampa Bay along with the rest of her litter. She and her littermates needed round-the-clock care, which we were able to provide thanks to your support.

Animals like Benny, Boots, and Ruby get a second chance because of you. With your year-end support, we can keep doing our best for every animal we meet — no matter the challenges they face.