When a large, timid dog came through our doors, dirty and with abrasions on his feet, our medical team went right to work making him more comfortable. Andy stayed close to the technicians, leaning in as they checked him out. He seemed relieved to be off the street.

Andy had to wait a while for his turn on the adoption floor. First, we had to treat his abrasions, and he needed time to put on some weight; Andy was very malnourished. Once he was healthy and cleared for adoption, potential families overlooked him because of his size.

While he waited, you made sure Andy had medical care, love, and attention, and all the time he needed to find a home. When his day finally came, he was wiggling with excitement as his new dad put on his new collar, clipped on his new leash, and led him outside.

“Andy is the happiest dog,” he told us a few weeks later. “He’s my all the time lap dog. Anytime anyone sits down on the couch, he rushes over to lay across their legs and get all the belly rubs and pets he can. All the neighbors know him already; he loves the attention he gets on walks!”

Andy is finally living the life he deserves. And it’s because of you!