Foster to Adopt Dogs

SPCA Tampa Bay’s foster-to-adopt program for dogs! Adopting families can complete a standard pet adoption during their visit, or sign up for the program to take a dog home for up to 14 days before completing the adoption! View Adoptable Dogs

Foster to Adopt Dogs at SPCA Tampa Bay
Foster to Adopt Dogs at SPCA Tampa Bay

How It Works: Interested foster families should register in person at SPCA Tampa Bay’s For-All shelter in Largo. Once a family selects the dog they would like to foster, SPCA Tampa Bay will provide all food and supplies necessary to care for the pet. The dogs will return to the shelter within the 14 day foster period, unless the foster family decides to permanently adopt the dog.

The foster-to-adopt a dog program at SPCA Tampa Bay will require a deposit for half the adoption price if the adoptable dog is:
1) Priced at $600 or more
2) The foster parents reside outside of Pinellas County

Please note:

Why: Getting more dogs into homes supports the health of those dogs and any still in the shelter. The pilot also gives SPCA Tampa Bay and Pinellas County Animal Services much-needed room to care for stray dogs.

When: During our Regular operating hours