SPCA Tampa Bay is a For-All shelter and we support a healthy community that prioritizes animal welfare. Being a “for-all” shelter means that SPCA Tampa Bay will not limit admission or refuse to take in a pet.

We are for ALL shapes, colors, species, breeds, ages and situations. ALL are welcome here! 

Our Vision: Create a community where every animal matters.

Our Mission: Through passionate collaboration with our community, we transform the lives of animals.

Learn more about our For-All Animal Shelter in Largo and our Pet Hospital in St. Petersburg. 

Our SPCA Tampa Bay Core Values

ComPASSIONWe act with compassion and we are driven by our passion for animals and people. 

  1. Compassion is how we act; passion is what we feel – for animals and people.
  2. Guard the animals to which we are entrusted with the same love and commitment we would give our family. 

Community- As part of the community, we seek social impact through education.

  1. Understand and assess our community’s needs.
  2. Provide quality educational programs and encourage professional and personal growth. 

The Customer Experience- We create a welcoming environment by meeting the needs of others in a positive, informative way.

  1. Treat all with dignity, respect and fairness.
  2. Provide the best possible outcome for our animals and our customers. 

Teamwork- We work together to achieve our goals.

  1. We support openness, accountability and humility.
  2. We will respectfully communicate, collaborate and build relationships. 

What it means to be For-All

Our For-All model is represented in all we do at SPCA Tampa Bay. We adopted the new term for our shelter in 2019. We were looking for a way to express our commitment to be a compassionate, trustworthy, and knowledgeable resource for all animals and the people who love them. We landed on a phrase that says just that, “SPCA Tampa Bay is a For-All shelter.” For-All means any animal in need can find help at SPCA Tampa Bay – all species, breeds, and ages. For-All means that our services are available to all members of our community, regardless of income, age, ethnicity, or orientation.

For-All has grown and evolved for us into much more than an intake policy. It encapsulates our organization-wide desire to serve all people and all animals. For-All guides our growth, as we adapt to an ever-changing landscape of service to animals and the people who love them. For-All guides our collaboration and engagement with fellow advocates throughout our community and highlights accessibility to a compassionate solution to every situation.

We are your For-All animal shelter. For you, for your pets, for your neighbors, For All. 

Martha Boden, SPCA Tampa Bay’s Chief Executive Officer

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WE ARE driven by the well-being and safety of all animals and people in our community.

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WE SERVE animals, the people who love them and our community. As advocates for the humane treatment of animals, we are a continuous resource for education, training, and veterinary services, and a responsible member of our great community.

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WE ACCEPT everyone. We do not limit admission or refuse to take in any animal. At the same time, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment to help you do what is best for your family and your pet- completely without judgement.

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WE DECIDE to humanely euthanize if the animal’s quality of life is suffering or it is essential for the greater good of the community. It is not a decision we take lightly.