Dreaming For A Home Of Her Own

Clover the Rescue cat with a toy in their new home

Smiling Clover


Dreamer used to be a stray cat, dreaming for a home of her own. When she arrived at SPCA Tampa Bay she was in rough shape, barely able to eat and scared, with an upper respiratory infection.

Dreamer needed a quite atmosphere outside of her kennel to reduce stress, fight her infection and learn to trust humans again. Our shelter receptionists, Barb and Sue, gladly volunteered to let Dreamer be their office kitty.


Ill and nervous, Dreamer barely left her heating pad on a shelf in the corner her first day , but now she is playing, running and begging for pets! With extra attention, love (and some hand-feeding), along with her medication… Dreamer’s future became a reality.

Dream was adopted shortly after we shared her story on our Facebook page.

Her new owners recently wrote to update us on her success in her new home AND her new name, “Clover”!

They say Clover seemed a little stressed at first (and was not thrilled about the carrier she went home in), but after just a few hours she begin to relax and even slept in their bed on the first night!

The next morning her family says Clover begin to explore the whole house and they are already in love with her! Clover is playing with her new toys and just being her friendly self. Her new mother ended her recent letter with a sweet thank you to our receptionist who let the nervous and sick kitty recover in their office.

“Thank you for taking such good care of (Clover) in the shelter. She is such a good cat already and I know I have you to thank for much of that”.

Photos of Clover in her new home below

cat on scratching post

This happy ending was made possible by our donors who support our organization and provide funds to assist the medical needs of cats like Clover.  If you are interested in donating to SPCA Tampa Bay to help us care for over 9,000 animals and wildlife annually, please click here.