Training Resources


On September 12, SPCA Tampa Bay will be “pausing” our dog training classes offered through New Dawn Animal Behavior Center. Training is still a very important part of forming a great relationship with your dog so we encourage you to enroll in courses offered by these quality training programs listed below. In addition, you can find pet resources and common behavior issues listed here or call our SPCA Tampa Bay Behavior team for free, over-the-phone guidance at 727-586-3593.

For General Training (Canine) Stellar Dog Training (727) 238-5343


For Group Classes (Canine) Sit Happens in St Pete. (727) 455-3547


For Private Classes and Problem Behavior (Canine) Spotted Success, LLC   (727) 209-7618


For K9 Nose Work Absolutely Spot On Dog Training (727) 709-5247


For Cat Behavior Training Positive Solutions Animal Training (727) 612-8906


For Virtual Dog Training All Dogs Go To Kevin (330) 474-9170

Learn more about private online dog training here Thank you and happy training!