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The Benefits Of Pet Ownership In A Pandemic

Many people are finding themselves in the unexpected position of spending more time at home. A pet can bring companionship and joy to your life even as you practice social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. According to the International Federation on Aging, a pet can help lower your blood pressure and boost your mood. […]

Spread The Humanimality, Not The Coronavirus

SPCA Tampa Bay is a for-all shelter and we care deeply about the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, customers, donors and pets. We understand the concerns and stress many of us are experiencing and are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19. As a for-all shelter our goal is to stay open and offer […]

Mufasa’s Ready For Adoption Thanks To Hill’s Science Diet

Feline Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – Can occur when bacteria is trapped in a cat’s bladder. It can be painful and cause the cat to urinate multiple times in a short period, sometimes containing blood (or a red tint). The side effects are much like that of a human; frequent urination in small amounts. Mufasa, […]

Stay Updated on COVID-19

KEEPING OUR ANIMALS AND COMMUNITY SAFE: COVID-19 INFORMATION SPCA Tampa Bay stay updated on COVID-19 First thing you need is a Plan! SPCA Tampa Bay is here to help. Now is the time to plan in the unfortunate event that you or your family does become sick. Along with other shelters across the bay area […]

Manage Stress In Your Dog

by Melissa Kolmar, CPDT-KA, SBA Dogs communicate with us every day, but sometimes we don’t understand what they are saying. View a body language chart for stress in dogs here. Some other signs of stress include: • Whining • Whale Eye, or showing the whites of their eyes • Submissive Urination • Tail Tucked • […]

SPCA Tampa Bay Appoints New Board Chair

SPCA Tampa Bay is pleased to announce the appointment of Carrie O’Brion as the new president and board chair. O’Brion will serve a two-year term and she succeeds Jonathon Browy, who served as SPCA Tampa Bay Board Chair since 2018. O’Brion previously chaired SPCA Tampa Bay’s Development and Marketing committee. Browy will remain on the […]

SPCA Tampa Bay To Be New Home For Iguanas

Late 2019, SPCA Tampa Bay plans to be the new home to 20+ iguanas.   Gulf Coast Iguana Sanctuary needed a new housing location for their iguanas. Since SPCA Tampa Bay is a For-All shelter with a little extra land to spare, it was decided they would live here! A new enclosure entered the planning phase […]

Introducing Dogs To Other Dogs

Imagine this… you are standing in the cereal aisle at a grocery store. You and an employee make eye contact. Then, that employee runs up to you as fast as they can, gets in your face and yells HELLO! Something our dogs are like that employee, and to other dogs, this is just plain rude. […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to incorporate healthy changes into their lives. Pet owners can also resolve to start new habits to make 2020 their pets’ happiest, healthiest year yet. 1. Kick off the year by getting up-to-date on your wellness exams, a fresh stock of monthly parasite preventive or an appointment for the […]

SPCA Tampa Bay Welcomes A Chief Marketing Officer

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Dec. 5, 2019) – SPCA Tampa Bay has hired veteran marketing professional Eric Keaton as chief marketing officer. In this role, Keaton provides leadership and direction for marketing, media relations, community outreach and special events for SPCA Tampa Bay’s open-admission animal shelter, pet training facility and veterinary center. The chief marketing officer […]