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Celebrating 80 Years in the Community!

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, SPCA Tampa Bay is celebrating the BIG 8-0! It’s our 80th birthday. SPCA Tampa Bay was originally founded on July 15, 1940, in St. Petersburg, Florida, as the Animal Welfare League (AWL). At that time Pinellas County’s cities were responsible for handling the stray and homeless dog population. By February […]

How to Help Your Dog with Fireworks

This year will be different when it comes to fireworks displays. Most towns are cancelling the big fireworks events due to COVID-19. This makes me believe that there will be an increase in neighborhood fireworks due to people staying home. And since July 4th is on a Saturday, I anticipate this being a full weekend […]

Hurricane Planning Tips From A Veterinarian

By Mary Giron, DVM, SPCA Tampa Bay Veterinary Center There are a lot of stressful things going on in the world today. Many of those stressors are out of your control, but being pro-active in your hurricane planning can save you the stress of creating one during a major storm threat. Here are some tips, […]

Member Spotlight: Get to Know Martha Boden, By The AAWA

By: The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, May 19, 2020 We are honored to introduce you to one of animal welfare’s brightest stars – the CEO of SPCA Tampa Bay, chair of The Association’s Spring Conference Committee, and an Association board member to boot. She’s one you wanna know, if you don’t already. Name: Martha […]

What To Do When Life Starts Returning to Normal

Our pets have been adjusting to us being home more since the pandemic started (and some may be loving it!). We are a long way off from normalcy, but what can we do to help our pets to adjust when we start leaving the house more? Individual dogs may vary in their reactions, but change […]

Even a few dollars a month can make a very real difference.

The recent pandemic has changed so many facets of our lives and has reached us in ways many Americans never thought possible.  At a minimum, most lives, businesses and social routines will be different in some way for a long time. For some members of our community those routines and lives have been altered in […]

April Is Heartworm Awareness Month

From Heartworm to Healthy: A Diamond in the Ruff Like many, Jessica Glebowski and her husband wanted to adopt a puppy that could grow up with their two young boys. What they didn’t know, was a visit to SPCA would change their mind and hearts forever. The Glebowski’s checked several shelters before striking gold (or […]

Who Will Care For Your Pet In An Emergency?

You may not want to think about your chances of becoming ill from COVID-19 but now is the time to plan in the unfortunate event that you or your family does become sick. Along with other shelters, we are suggesting you have a plan in place for not only yourself, but your pets. 1. Know the […]

The Benefits Of Pet Ownership In A Pandemic

Many people are finding themselves in the unexpected position of spending more time at home. A pet can bring companionship and joy to your life even as you practice social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. According to the International Federation on Aging, a pet can help lower your blood pressure and boost your mood. […]

Spread The Humanimality, Not The Coronavirus

SPCA Tampa Bay is a for-all shelter and we care deeply about the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, customers, donors and pets. We understand the concerns and stress many of us are experiencing and are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19. As a for-all shelter our goal is to stay open and offer […]