We’re out to build a Better Way Home.

For 80 years, SPCA Tampa Bay donors, volunteers and staff led the way in our community, advocating for animals of all kinds. We are proud of the legacy they built. Now, it’s our turn. Our future success demands a facility that supports and enables our work instead of hindering it. With your gift, you will forever change the lives of animals in our care and create a Better Way Home for the next 80 years.

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Meet our significant modern redesign, phased out over three periods for donor consideration. With timely funding, however, we can complete all phases at once — and reduce our budget by up to $10 million.


Addressing immediate concerns around animal well-being and shelter operations is our first priority.

Pre-adoption housing will undergo a full renovation, administrative offices will shift to a centralized area, and our arrival area will be redesigned to welcome animals to their new lives after a long journey.

A Better Way Home Phase 1


Companion animal intake, animal treatment, and foster program support are the focus of our second step. Our intake department can look forward to a thorough transformation, while our surgical suites will benefit from a redesign and a separate ICU for severe cases. We will also create a separate space for foster program operations, including a separate exam area and neonatal kitten nursery.

Phase 2 Better Way Home Surgical



Our final piece of the puzzle puts the spotlight on adoption and wildlife. From housing to operations, we’ll build a comprehensive adoption center that creates a safe, welcoming environment where our animals can really shine. This hub will also host an indoor/outdoor community space. Wildlife care will round out our construction with dedicated areas for both intake and rehabilitation.

Better Way Home Phase 3