Animal welfare agencies everywhere are helping to Spread The Humanimality in the wake of a busy hurricane season for the Gulf Coast states. Late Tuesday night, SPCA Tampa Bay staff packed up a transport van for a 4-hour drive to the panhandle to help get displaced pets out of hurricane-stricken Louisiana.
We usually save resolutions for the New Year but this October, why not re-commit to walking your dog? The weather is just starting to cool down here in Florida. Cooler mornings can provide a fresh start to your day and everyone benefits from getting outside.
A rare and happy ending for one bearded dragon. Many people aren’t aware that SPCA Tampa Bay takes in reptiles, rabbits, birds and livestock that are found in the community, and neither did Todd’s owner.
Largo, Fla.—SPCA Tampa Bay received 30 homeless dogs from Louisiana SPCA on Monday, August 31. The ASPCA Relocation team transported the dogs from the Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans to make room for animals displaced by Hurricane Laura. The dogs will be made available for adoption at SPCA Tampa Bay as early as Wednesday.