Rehome Details

small black and brown dog


Sex: Intact male
Age: 3 years old
Miniature Pinscher 
This animal is not located at SPCA Tampa Bay
Reason for Rehoming:
Work/ Needs more attention/ time
Please email Wanda at

More about me:

*Must have patio, no apartments.*

After the pandemic lock down, unfortunately all workforce where I worked at were laid off, therefore I found a job in a different industry that requires long work hours and the dog needs company, exercise and someone with a patio at home will be great. I do not want to leave him by himself for so long as he gets very anxious when by himself. And this is such a difficult decision to me but his emotional health and well being is more important.

*Up to date with vaccinations, fecal test *takes the heartworm prevention tablet once a month *very playful, full of energy, good dog, not aggressive at all *gets along with dogs, especially puppies, however when approaching a new dog he has not seen previously, has to be careful as he can react negatively if he does not like the dog. His very best friend is a female pitbull that is very playful but there are 2 dogs in the community that he is not interested in playing with and barks to, a lot, therefore I have to use caution when other dogs are approaching because most of the times he likes them but there are exceptions that can make him very anxious. *he needs toys that can be chewed but designed not to be destroyed, such as Kong brand, he has them now and enjoys them, but there are different sizes and he cannot have the small ones for puppies, as those are not appropriate size.  Stuffed toys are not appropriate for him as they are a hazard because he destroys them and swallow the stuffing. *he has good eating habits, he does not eat human food, only dog food and dog treats. His coat is shiny/beautiful. *it is unknown if he will get along with cats as I do not have cats, a neighbor has 2 cats and once they were introduced and Apollo was scared of them. *because of his playful behavior children are to be supervised because he can be non-stop and it is not good if children get scratched because he is not aware of his strength and his reach with his nails, putting them on their shoulders/face. He is not harmful at all but he can go on and on playing and may do too much regarding children that will be his height and could be at his legs reach.