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Valerie and her family have five amazing dogs: Skye, Rachel, Bria, Janie and Lilly. Lilly is the newest member of her family, adopted at SPCA Tampa Bay in 2019 as a fragile senior. Janie was taken in from Valerie’s veterinarian office in 2018 at only 8-weeks old, with very poor health. Skye, who was blind and deaf, was fostered by the Brehm Family from SPCA Tampa Bay. While fostering her, they fell in love and decided to adopt her. Bria, a Valentine’s Day present from Valerie’s husband, came into the shelter as a stray due to her emaciated condition And last, but certainly not least is Rachel, who was adopted from SPCA after she had surgery to remove a benign mass found during her spay surgery.

Valerie is so grateful for all of her pets. As a canine behavior volunteer, she sees the distress the animals feel during then home-to-shelter transition and loves when a pet finds a comfortable home. Taking care of all the dogs in the shelter as well as her five girls is a motivating force in Valerie’s life, a purpose that gives her great joy.

Valerie Brehm is Dedicated Canine Behavior Volunteer and Skye, Rachel, Bria, Janie and Lilly is a