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It was by chance that Shelby found Aaron and Theresa. One of Aaron’s co-workers, a fellow police officer, happened upon a group of abandoned puppies and was only able to catch one – which Aaron volunteered to take home for the weekend. The rest of the puppies were eventually found and taken to SPCA Tampa Bay. That weekend visit turned into a much longer stay, as Shelby found her forever home. When Aaron introduced Shelby to his mother Theresa she was smitten. She has always been an animal lover and became a loving grandmother to Shelby. When Theresa was only 12 years old she had taken in a stray dog herself just as her son would do years later. Shelby loves taking car rides and going on runs with Aaron, and you’ll know since her tail (and butt) wag a mile a minute.

Theresa Pinnix and Aaron Franklin is Branch Manager, Regions Bank Tyrone & Officer, St. Petersburg Police Dept. and Shelby is a