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The Heheman’s were looking for a sibling to keep their German Shepherd, Shadoe, company and when they came across 8-week old Nugget, they immediately fell in love. A dynamic duo, Nugget and Shadoe loved playing, going for walks, and even participating in the SPCA Tampa Bay Pet Walk. Nugget learned a lot from Shadoe, and after Shadoe’s passing, Nugget helped Teresa’s family carry on through hard times. Like Shadoe, who was adopted from SPCA, Nugget loves to raise awareness for SPCA and help other pets. When Nugget isn’t making the community a better place for other pets, carrying in the groceries or bringing in the paper, she can be found in the backyard with Teresa’s Dad, getting combed and watching the wildlife.

Teresa Heheman is Public Servant and Nugget is a