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Rose (AKA Rosie-Poise) the Beagle was a diamond in the rough. While visiting Georgia during Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2009, Robin spotted Rose in a field behind her brother’s house. The stray pup would not let her come close, so Robin contacted several local rescues; unfortunately, she was unable to find anyone to help catch her and take her in. Several months later while visiting the area again, Robin saw Rose once more as she was packing up her car to depart back to Florida. This time, Rose bolted right up to her car and jumped in! The months following, Robin diligently cared for Rose to help her recover from the trauma of living in the woods. It was her full intention to find her a new loving home, but quickly realized that she already had!

Robin and her husband also have a Canadian-bred dog called a Coton de Tulear named Maddie. This breed is known for their clown-like personalities, which is fitting for Maddie as she constantly entertains everyone she meets. She also keeps her sister, Rose on her toes!

Rehabbing a rescue animal was one of the most rewarding things in Robin’s life. Rose has taught her so much and she couldn’t be happier that she and Maddie are best friends

Robin Roberts is Fur Ball Committee Member and Rose and Maddie is a