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Rhonda and her husband Van have five Chihuahuas and a Yorkie – Chicky, Tiki, Sweetie, Lexie, Brandy and Honey. These sweeties have a special place in Rhonda and Van’s hearts. Each one has a strong personality and funny quirks, like their eating habits, sleep preferences and pill intake.

Chicky, now 13, can be the quirkiest. She won’t walk on Rhonda’s wooden floors or step on a crack, and she’s been that way since she was three months old. They bring so much joy and happiness to her life, and she can’t imagine life without them. They’ve helped her get through some low points in life and continue to bring a smile to her face every day!

Rhonda Shear is Celebrity, Author & Entrepreneur, Shear Enterprises, Inc. and Chicky is a