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Oliver, Rosie, and Louie are the light of Moe’s life. Oliver was just a three-day-old puppy who was dropped off at a nearby animal hospital after his mother rejected him. The hospital called Moe to see if she wanted to adopt him and she came as fast as she could! Oliver loves to snuggle and just wants to be loved and cuddled.

Rosie and Louie are litter mates from Orlando, Florida. Moe wanted another girl after her previous Maltese, Molly, had passed away; but when she found Rosie with her brother Louie, she fell in love with them both! Rosie is so smart and can get out of any situation, so Moe nicknamed her “Dora the Explorer.” She is also great with people, perfect for rehab and nursing homes. Louie is a sweet boy and loves to play fetch with his favorite reindeer toy

Moe Freaney is Dunedin Vice Mayor and Oliver, Rosie and Louie is a