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When Meredith, Andy and son Noah walk in the house, their two adopted dogs Anna and Rudy are so happy to see them that their entire bodies wag and they don’t know who to greet first! The genuine happiness they display every day helps Meredith forget about her stresses and feel thankful that they all found each other.

Meredith and Andy first adopted Anna after finding her at their local humane society. She was the longest-term resident at the time. Rudy was adopted after his previous owner passed away. Now they’re all part of the family!

Anna and Rudy, along with now-passed Lewis, Shelby and Wesley, walked down the aisle with Meredith and Andy during their wedding in 2008. Wesley, their black lab mix was the ring bearer.

Meredith & Andy Gaunce is Employment & Business Attorneys, Gaunce Law and Anna & Rudy is a