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Lariana has a silky terrier Chili, also known as Chillster, Cutie, Chili-dog, and basically any variation of Chili they can think of! Chili has only been a part of the family since January 2019, but has already brought them a large amount of joy.

Lariana’s son likes to sings out of the blue, “Oh, I love you Cutie Chili dog” all the time. Chili loves to chew, chase and fetch a ball just as big as he is (his favorite is a normal sized football)! Chili has his family wrapped around his little paws! Lariana and her family can’t imagine a life without their Chili-dog. It was love at first snuggle!

Lariana Forsythe is Chief Executive Officer of CASA St.Pete and Chili is a