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When they are off the clock, these fire chiefs return to their homes, families and furry friends. For James Large, that would be his puppy Soto, who is always happy and enthusiastic in greeting him. Soto is a very affectionate pup; however, if you turn your back, he will steal your socks and shoes — they are toys, after all! Michael Domante and his wife don’t have kids, so Duke has become their very important fur baby. Duke brings them joy in many ways, one being his “buzz.” When Duke gets excited, he growls, or “buzzes” as a way to show off. (He’s also as speedy as a buzzing bee!) Ian Womack shares his love, and his home, with Athena, who showers him in kisses (and fur of, course) every time he returns home. When she’s not urging him to play, she loves to go for walks in the great outdoors.

James Large, Michael Domante and Ian Womack is Chiefs, St. Pete Fire Department and Soto, Duke & Athena is a