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Sparky, Comet and Kokomo are loving companions to Kim as well as their many farm-animal siblings. One of which is Moonshine, a 4-year-old Nigerian Dwarf goat! Kim met Moonshine during a SPCA Tampa Bay fundraiser. He came right up to her and kissed her—it was love at first sight.

Moonshine is a special goat, the king of the farm as they like to call him. He eats first, gets his head scratch first and doesn’t eat treats from your hand – only from the bag. He once got invited to a birthday farm party and decided he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved and ended up jumping up on a table and walking down the middle so everyone could see him. All of Kim’s pets are the love of her life! She couldn’t imagine a life without them.

Kim Austin is Loyal SPCA Tampa Bay adopter, donor and volunteer and Sparky, Comet and Kokomo is a