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Frank and Toby rescued both their girls, Alice and Lola. After being found wandering on the side of the road, Alice was given to Toby and Frank by their daughter who owns an animal clinic. She has always been so sweet and loving.

Lola was a Hurricane Katrina rescue who attended SPCA Tampa Bay’s Fur Ball Gala in 2005; They adopted her shortly after. Never having a dog before, it took some time for Toby to warm up to Lola. Now, he couldn’t imagine her not having been a part of his life! After years of loving and caring for sweet Lola, she passed away recently from ongoing health issues. Because she would always need to be cleaned up after, they left a spot of dirt on the wall in their home as a memorial for Lola.

Frank Clemente and Toby Anderson is and Alice and Lola is a