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SPCA Tampa Bay shelter cats, Squints and Simon, sat in for picture day with the McClellans. Duncan and Irene’s cats, Ramon and Monroe, were born a day apart and are practically brothers. Duncan and his wife, Irene, adopted them together as kittens from a shelter. Upon reaching their new forever home the rather shy kittens had to be coaxed out with some delicious tuna fish. Ever since, they’ve been roaming the place as if it were their domain, bringing endless joy to Duncan and Irene. Monroe learned the hard way about the danger of being too adventurous, as he once climbed high into the rafters and needed saving. Duncan quickly came to the rescue, but in the end Monroe squirmed from his arms and caused Duncan to crash into a very expensive glass vessel. Thankfully, everyone is okay and Monroe no longer explores the rafters. He instead wanders the expansive property while Ramon spends the better part of his day lounging on the living room sofa.

Duncan and Irene McClellan is Local Glass Artist & Entrepreneur and Squints & Simon is a