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Behind these two fabulous women are fabulous pets. When Franki and Donna get off of work they are not only greeted by their husbands, but also their furry children. Franki has her maltese, Vivica A. Dog (Vivi for short) waiting for her. Vivica had a troubled start with a host of health problems at an early age. Though Franki thought she’d adopted the puppy from a sweet couple who bred dogs and sold them for extra money, she quickly found out that Vivica’s health problems were signs the cute pooch was bred in a puppy mill. Though Vivica was born into a difficult situation, she is now a happy and healthy diva who loves to wear her pearls (like a true lady). She has stamped a paw print of love on both Franki and her husband’s hearts — they can’t imagine life without her.  Vivi is quite definitely a daddy’s girl, as each night she climbs into his lap and licks his entire face clean. Donna and her husband Bryan had their hearts stolen by a tiny 5 week old kitten named Tux. They had been healing from the loss of their first cat, loving dubbed Smelly-Cat, and were wary of getting another pet.  When they first laid eyes on Tux they couldn’t resist. He was very tiny when he came home with them (smaller than Donna’s hand) and very easy to lose in their home. Donna created a small litter box for him, slept with him on the bathroom floor and carried him in the pocket of her robe. While Tux doesn’t fit in Donna’s pocket anymore, they’re still just as close as ever.

Donna Hostnick & Franki Pethtel is Senior Staff, Bond Diamond/Bond Jewelers and Vivica & Tux is a