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Betsie, pictured with Jonathan & Antony Browy, Alexandria Michael and Betsie’s three girls (all furry and small in stature) have been her comfort and joy, especially after the passing of her husband. Though tiny, they still manage to take up most of the bed and turn the living room into a zoo with all their playing. Betsie and her husband rescued Daisy from a puppy farm in 2000. On their anniversary, they received a special gift when Lily fell into their lap (where she quickly became a daddy’s girl). As for Elysian, Betsie would like to think that she handpicked her, but she does have to admit that Lily may have “paw-picked” this new playmate.

Betsie Scott and Family is Heritage Society Member & Volunteer and Daisy Mae Marigold, Lily Rose & Elysian is a 16-year-old Fawn Pug, 8-year-old Black Pug, 9-year-old Shih Tzu Mix