We could tell that Jax was a good, sweet boy- but he needed help with his socialization skills. He was very timid and seemed nervous of the loud barking in kennels. After arriving at SPCA Tampa Bay, Jax spent one week in foster care with our volunteer Tony.
Our pets are part of our family and we worry about what will happen to them if we are no longer able to care for them. As many as 500,000 pets are surrendered to shelters each year because their owners didn’t make plans for their care. Many people are now taking the opportunity to revisit their legal filings and safeguards for their pets.
When she arrived at SPCA Tampa Bay she was in rough shape, barely able to eat and scared, with an upper respiratory infection. Dreamer needed a quite atmosphere outside of her kennel to reduce stress, fight her infection and learn to trust humans again. Our shelter receptionists, Barb and Sue, gladly volunteered to let Dreamer be their office kitty.
I found a kitten outside? Should I bring her into my CASA? Advice from our friend, the Kitten Lady. Before picking up a kitten, assess the scenario using the Kitten Lady’s CASA method. Consider the following 4 factors: Condition, Age, Situation, and Abilities. Condition: Is the kitten clean & alert, or dirty and in distress?